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Soul Alloy Shovel

While the shovel sees little use normally, the ability of the Soul Alloy Shovel is likely to become a good friend. When used it will seek out any items around and bring them back to it's caller. The Soul Alloy Shovel may be fitted with Aspect Gems, which improves it in certain aspects:

  • ≈ Haste: Improves the pace of digging with the shovel. Stacks with Efficiency.

  • ღ Abundance: Enriches the loot found when digging up treasure. Stacks with Fortune.

  • λ Scope: Expands the literal scope of digging. Increases by 1 block per gem.

  • ʊ Ignorance: Ignores a small amount of durability loss when using the tool. Stacks with Unbreaking.