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Soul Alloy Pickaxe

The perilous Soul Alloy Pickaxe is worth more than your average, puny Netherite Pickaxe. Right-clicking will coerce it to send out a beam which vein-mines any ores it touches. Applying the various Aspect Gems onto a Soul Alloy Pickaxe will affect it in a plethora of ways:

  • ≈ Haste: Improves the pace of mining with the pickaxe. Stacks with Efficiency.

  • ღ Abundance: Increases the amount dropped by certain ores. Stacks with Fortune.

  • λ Scope: Quite literally increases the scope of mining. Increases by 1 block per gem.

  • ʊ Ignorance: Ignores a small amount of durability loss when using the tool. Stacks with Unbreaking.