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Conjuring Scepter

Commanding the powerful contraptions involved in conjuration is no easy task and as such, the Conjuring Scepter is required to interact with most of them. The very basic act of mounting a Diamond onto a Blaze Rod has apparently greatly improved their magical abilities, making the usage of most runic machinery a breeze.

There may come a point at which one runs out of Conjuration Essence. When this happens, many options can be explored, yet the Superior Conjuring Scepter should prove the most reliable long-term solution. By utilizing the innate mystical properties of the attached Nether Star, it manages to create so-called Soul Projectiles. These will condense an entity's soul into some Conjuration Essence when on sufficiently low health.

Additionally, the scepter is capable of instantly finishing any process in the Soulfire Forge by shift-right-clicking.