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The Conjurer

To the untrained eye, a Conjurer may look remarkably similar to a normal monster spawner. This, however, would be a short-sighted conclusion. Even being nothing more than a cage constructed of Soul Alloy, it nevertheless enables an inserted Conjuring Focus to function.

When one of these gizmos is inserted, the Conjurer will begin the summoning process. While this is of course a very useful setup even in it's basic state, many improvements can be made using Charms.

The different charm aspects will influence a Conjurer in the following ways:

  • ≈ Haste: Decreases the time between each summoning cycle

  • ღ Abundance: Increases the amount of creatures conjured per cycle

  • λ Scope: Increases the range in which the Conjurer will sense a player's presence

  • ʊ Ignorance: Increases the amount of creatures in close vicinity the Conjurer ignores when judging how many new ones to summon

A final feature of the Conjurer one should keep in mind is that, when confronted with a redstone signal, it will promptly seize operation