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Soul Alloy Scythe

Tending to a field can be a laborious task, especially when it comes to the larger one. The Soul Alloy Scythe offers itself as the perfect solution. By serving both as a capable cutting apparatus as well as a remote reaping rig, it can diminish Potatoes and similar plant matter incredibly quickly. It may be upgraded using Aspect Gems in these ways:

  • ≈ Haste: Improves the swiftness of swinging the Scythe.

  • ღ Abundance: Might lead to finding more needles in haystacks or seeds in crops. Stacks with Fortune.

  • λ Scope: Increases the reach of the Soul Harvesting ability.

  • ʊ Ignorance: Ignores a small amount of durability loss when using the tool, stacks with Unbreaking. Also makes the Soul Harvester ignore crops which haven't yet reached maturity.