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Ritual of Extraction

Knowing how to perform the Ritual of Extraction is easily one of the most important skills involved in summoning. This potent practice brutally siphons an entity's soul into a provided Conjuring Focus.

A process inherently unsafe, without pedestals only one tenth of attempts is said to succeed.

To begin, one must place a Soul Funnel and fill it with both Soul Sand and a Conjuring Focus. As an optional step, four pedestals may now be placed and linked to the funnel as described in Ritual Basics. These will be used to stabilize the ritual by providing samples of the entity's essence, supplied in the form of an item the entity is known to drop. Having four of these present and executing the ritual in a Soul Sand Valley reportedly guarantees success.

Once everything has been prepared, the entity shall be lured on the funnel. This will make it possible to commence the ritual by right-clicking the Soul Funnel with a Conjuring Scepter.