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Basic Gem Tinkering

The Gem Tinkerer is a very special kind of runic apparatus required to create Aspect Gems. These little stones each express a different facet of customization, all of which can be applied to most implements bearing Soul Alloy.

The 4 different gems are made of these materials: Redstone, Lapis Lazuli, Eye of Ender or Emerald.

To operate the Gem Tinkerer, one must first place some Lesser Conjuration Essence on top. All hovering columns then need to be fitted with the desired items. Finally, a simple shift-right-click with an empty hand will initiate the crafting process.

The violent conditions inside a Conjurer necessitate extra care when trying to use Aspect Gems inside one. In fact, reinforcing them using Gem Sockets is required. These sturdy little receptacles allow the Gems to focus their energy directly into the installed Conjuring Focus, augmenting it's capabilities.